Jayant Sirohi is leading UT Austin's research efforts to create "sky taxis" by examining rotor performance and acoustics.

Associate Professor Moriba Jah says we still have a lot of work to do when it comes to international collaboration of space traffic management.

The KXAN news video features Todd Humphreys' aerial robotics course final, which required students to program and fly quadcopters to be the first to pop a balloon.

Todd Humphreys discusses the threat that 'off-the'shelf' drones might pose.

In this National Geographic story Dr. Moriba Jah weighs in on the uncertainty of where China's space station will land on Earth.

Todd Humphreys, who is researching ways to keep pedestrians safe on the streets with precise GPS location, weighs in on the self-driving car accident that involved the death of a pedestrian in Arizona.

Retired Aerospace Engineering Professor Wallace Fowler keynoted an event designed to raise money for Amarillo students planning to attend the University in the fall of 2018.

Associate Professor Moriba Jah addresses the growing problem of uncharted satellites orbiting earth and what it means for the future of space exploration.

Professor Luis Sentis discusses his role as lead for the Human Centered Robotics Lab at the university as well as the impact robots can make on human life.

Gordon Wells discusses how storm surge and coastal flooding are forecasted‚most recently for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma‚ at the UT Austin Center for Space Research.

In this New York Times feature, Professor Bryon Tapley, Director of UT Austin's Center for Space Research, weighs in on the importance of data gathered from the original GRACE mission and continuing its legacy with GRACE-Follow On.


InformationWeek featured a story on how Professor Clint Dawson and other researchers at UT are using supercomputers to create hurricane storm surge and flood models, potentially saving lives by forecasting accurately devastation. Dawson's work was used during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Aerospace engineering professor and space traffic management expert, Moriba Jah, answers questions about a growing field of science, space environment, and the impact space debris has on the future of space exploration.

Students representing 512 Hyperloop and Guadaloop met with the Texas Standard to review their prototypes for the SpaceX hyperloop competition.

Members of UT's 512 Hyperloop Team discuss their model and strategy with KVUE before heading to the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition in Hawthorne, California.

ASE/EM professor Todd Humphreys discusses a recent "in the wild" attempted GPS spoofing attack in the Black Sea on an episode of BBC's radio program, Click, starting at 19:15.

Alumnus Brian Hudson, BS ASE 2011, has been named president of the Amarillo Chapter of Texas Exes.

Professor Bryon Tapley, Director of UT Austin's Center for Space Research, discusses the GRACE satellites in this New York Times piece about the future of satellite missions under the Trump administration.

Alumna and Brig. Gen. Jeannie Leavitt has been featured on the U.S. Air Force's site for her incredible contributions and accomplishments.

The GRACE twin satellites, a joint NASA/German Aerospace project led by UT's Center for Space Research Director Bryon Tapley, just celebrated 15 years in orbit.

Professor Todd Humphreys participated on a panel about smart cars, where he shared concerns about privacy.

Professor Wallace Fowler reflects on 50 years of teaching in the Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics department.

Director of the UT Center for Space Research, Professor Byron Tapley, discusses the future of a manned mission to Mars.

Professor Todd Humphreys' research work on super accurate GPS may soon solve many driverless car issues, including blurred lane markings and bad weather.

Professor Todd Humphreys speaks to FedScoop about cybersecurity faults in drones.

Alumnus Alan Stern sits down with The Verge to discuss how NASA pulled off the New Horizons expedition.

Professor Todd Humphreys talks to KXAN news about the UAV testing and research happening at the Cockrell School of Engineering.

Professor Todd Humphreys, an expert in GPS spoofing is featured in this story in The New Yorker.

Time Magazine has named alumnus Alan Stern for his work as the principal investigator of NASA's New Horizons Mission.

This KXAN news story discusses Todd Humphreys' research and testing of precise GPS in Austin.

The Daily Texan discusses the partnership between the Cockrell School and the Austin Fire Department in future search and rescue operations.

Read or listen to this KUT coverage of our Senior Aircraft Design Fly-Off.

LONESTAR is now in space after being deployed from the International Space Station. Spaceflight 101 provides the details on how the two satellites, AggieSat4 and BEVO-2, were deployed from ISS.

The Cockrell School of Engineering - UT Austin 512 Hyplerloop team was interviewed by KXAN. The team is designing a pod for the initial SpaceX hyperloop design competition which will be held this weekend at Texas A&M.