Each semester you must be advised. The basic advising and registration steps are:

1. Once you receive the notice via email, pick up your advising form from the receptionist inASE 2.200A.

2. Discuss with your faculty advisor what classes you will take.

3. Obtain your advisor’s signature (new students must also obtain the EM Graduate Advisor’s signature in their first semester)

4. Return the form to the receptionist inASE 2.200A. 

5. After your advising bar is cleared you can register online.

Zero-fee Bill

If after you register you get a zero-fee bill (your tuition and required fees have already been paid), you must still confirm that you are attending – It will say “Your registration is complete” when your registration is finalized.

Student Organization Policies

Student organizations must follow school and university guidelines for travel, reimbursement, and corporate relations.

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