photo of Caroline Bik holding small plane


Houston, TX

Technical Area


What made you decide to pursue an aerospace engineering degree? 

I grew up working with my hands on various projects for school, Odyssey of the Mind and Scouts. Through scouting I was introduced to sailing. I have now been sailing for ten years, and I love the technical side of it. Pursuing studies in aerospace engineering is an excellent way for me to further my knowledge in aero- and hydro-dynamics and hopefully learn something to apply to sailing. I thought it would be an excellent way to combine my passion and a future career. I hope that one day I can be working with other engineers to design boats for America's Cup.

What has been your biggest reward while pursuing your aerospace degree at UT? 

UT Aerospace has an awesome connection with TU Delft in the Netherlands. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting students from abroad and cannot wait to study abroad in Delft. This is just one of many rewards I have encountered while studying at UT. There are so many student organizations to be involved with and opportunities to meet students and professors from all over the world. Engineering really is a degree that comes with global connections, and UT is doing a great job of facilitating some of those connections.

What are some things you really enjoy about living in Austin, TX?

Austin is a city of wonder. There is live music playing in so many venues. Lake Travis and Lady Bird Lake are great for sailing, kayaking, and paddle boarding (a chance to dip in the water when things get a bit warm). Right outside the city there are several parks to go camping, climbing and hiking. I love how Austin is close by to so many locations to go on adventures. And… the food. Austin has a lot of "hole in the wall" places with the tastiest bites. There is so much to explore and many creative characters to meet!