Below are resources used for advising appointments as well as self-advising. All files are available for PDF download.

Degree Plan & Flow Charts

Download undergraduate degree plans and flow charts.

ASE 128: Student Project Credit

Download forms and logs for ASE 128.

Technical Electives

Download pre-approved lists of technical elective options for both ASE and COE majors.

Laptop Requirement

All undergraduate students in aerospace engineering and computational engineering are expected to have a laptop at their disposal.


Both free tutoring and paid private tutoring available on campus. Free Engineering options are available as well as free group or paid private options at the Sanger Learning and Career Center.

Sarah Kitten and Adele Magnani

Undergraduate Advisors

Our undergraduate advising team is ready to help current and prospective students navigate their way through the degree plan and university life.

Phone: (512) 471-7594

peer advising students photo

Peer Advising

Peer advisors are current aerospace engineering students who can help fellow undergraduates in registration advising and general student mentorship. Peer advisors are available in the summer to incoming new students and during the fall and spring to all continuing students.

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